13.Sep 2021
The Last Socialist Artefact awarded at the Series Mania festival
Adapted from the novel No-Signal Area by Robert Perišić, The Last Socialist Artefact is an elegiac dive into the remains of a world where the working class, modern entrepreneurs and old ideals keep on feeding an economic system eating itself up. The story relies on the feelings of the characters, melancholic false heroes, the pristine direction of Dalibor Matanić raises the series to new poetic heights, showing that a so-called “small” country can tell the full story of the wrongs of our times while keeping the specificity of its location.

Renowned French daily Le Monde was also impressed, including The Last Socialist Artefact in its selection of top five not-to-miss series. “Top production and acting performances make the series a rare discovery you should not pass over,” conclude Le Monde critics in their recommendation.
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