Proud partners to prestigious award-winning film producers, directors and DOPs since 2008, we are the leading video and audio post-production facility in the Balkans, providing a full scope of post-production services in one place. We are also blessed with a unique combination of global creative experience matched with Central European work ethics and Balkan hospitality, all of which has helped us cater to the growing need for flexible, yet reliable collaborations, relaxed, yet productive work atmosphere, and complex yet more than excellent results.
Our sound & vision studios are located in the heart of Europe, at an exceptional position in the centre of Ljubljana, between the Ljubljanica River and the old Ljubljana Castle, only seconds away from excellent transportation and accommodation facilities. With these at our disposal, doing our best and being completely supportive of the needs of producers, directors and/or DOPs becomes a pleasurable task.
Whether a long-distance online interaction or a face-to-face dynamics here at Teleking|001 we will make you feel right at home.


Collaborating with the likes of Phedon Papamichael and Vanja Černjul, as well as renowned brands such as Pepsi, McDonalds, Ikea, Barilla, Martini, Diners, and Nescafé, we have become renowned for our quality, and have built trusting relationships with a number of internationally recognised talents in film, television and advertising industries, from Moscow and Athens to London and Belgrade.
Over the years, the pictures we have worked on have received awards at numerous advertising and film festivals, including the Cannes film festival. The pride we experienced on those occasions can only be rivalled by the deep joy and satisfaction we find in sponsoring the annual Best Feature Film Award at the Croatian National Film Festival in Pula, as well as the Best Feature Film Award at the Festival of Slovenian Film in Portorož.

Teleking has awarded some festivals winning movies, which received our post-production services. This is our humble way of saying thank you to our regional film community and to all of you out there whose genius and creativity have constantly been reviving the wonderful world of moving images - the world that has been so good to us since day one.

In a year 2017, Teleking awarded the production house Studio Pangolin of the film ''A Brief Excursion'', which is the winner of the Grand Golden Arena awarded by the 64th Pula Film Festival Jury, with a package of post-production services.
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